Our Projects and Activities

In 2020, the LWVBC has focused on continued voter registration and education, starting with a Voter Engagement Worsk session attended by 36 citizens.  With the onset of the pandemic, we have focused on voter access, encouraging the easing of Tennessee absentee voting laws.

Voter Registration 
LWVBC members conduct voter registration in a variety of locations prior to local, state, and federal primaries and elections.  In particular, we register voters at Pellissippi State Community College and Maryville College each semester, and we offer voter registration at Blount County Public library periodically.  We are also available to register voters for any group or event upon request.

   Candidate Forums

As November 2019 approached, the LWVBC invited Tennessee legislative candidates to particpate in public forms, which some did.

The COVID-19 pandemic poses a challenge to similar forums, but

we encourage voters to attend online candidate forums and information sessions.

Educational Programs
Each Fall and Spring the LWVBC offers public informational/educational programs on current topics of interest. Some previous topics have been "Fake vs Real News", "The State of Children in Blount County", "Updates on Federal Healthcare Reform", and "Tennessee Legislative Updates", "Medicad Expansion in Tennessee", and the Status of Affordable Housing in Blount County.
"Every Vote Matters:  Removing Barriers" featured
Dr. Katie Cahill, Associate Director of the Howard Baker Center at UTK
joined by Susan Hughes, Blount County Elections Administrator.
"Voter Registration Training" facilitated by Susan Hughes, Blount County Elections Administrator.
"Voter Engagement", a public worksession facilitated by Marilyn Finley to imagine and develop ideas to encourage voter turnout.


commemorating the 100th anniversary of

ratification of the 19th Amendment


                                       Materials from recent programs.   Click on the image:




"Affordable Housing in Knox County" powerpoint:            



  "Fact Sheet on Housing in Blount County": 






"Barriers to Voting" powerpt presentation by Baker Center, University of Tennessee:

Information about new Tennessee Voter Registration Law.

See instructions on absentee voting as well as our editorial on voting by mail