About the League of Women Voters of Blount County

The most recent chapter of the League of Women Voters in Blount County, Tennessee organized in January, 2005 and was chartered by the League of Women Voters of Tennessee in 2008.

Over the past decade we have registered hundreds of voters, published a Blount County Voter's Guide, hosted candidate forums and debates, presented in public schools, written columns for local newspapers, and presented countless educational programs on topics ranging from the environment to voting rights, child welfare, the judiciary, and

the media.  We are always seeking partner organizations to expand our educational aims,                   LWVBC Bylaws:

thereby empowering and encouraging our local citizens.

Examples of LWVBC activities 2008-2018


  • Panel discussion "Health Care Issues in Blount County"

  • Program "Listening to the Experiences of Latin Americans in East TN"

  • Forum for State Primary Election at the Blount Co. Library



  • Environmental Forum "The Importance of Moving a Clean Energy Agenda to Solve Global Warming at the State and Federal Level"

  • Judiciary Panel discussed "Elections of Appellate Judges: The Tennessee Court System"

  • LWVBC wrote and published an inclusive and informative brochure: "Guide to Voting in Blount County"



  • LWVBC worked with The Daily Times and Blount Today to prepare candidate surveys before the 2010 election. The candidates responses were published in The Daily Times

  • Candidate survey results published on LWVBC website



  • Voter registration training by the Blount County Election Commission staff

  • Voter registration: Blount County high schools, Foothills Mall, various churches, Pellissippi State, Blount, and Maryville College



  • Forum "Affordable Care Act and How it will Affect Us in Tennessee"

  • Fall Voter Registration:  Maryville College and Pellissippi State CC--Blount Campus

  • Forum "The State of Voting Rights in TN" Our speakers were Rep. Ramsey, Dr. Frances Henderson from Maryville College and Blount County Commissioner of Elections



  • Meet and Greet for Blount County citizens to meet and listen to candidates running for our county commission.

  • Voter Registration: Pellissippi State CC-Blount Campus

  • Forum on Amendment 2 to the State Constitution concerning the selection of appellate and supreme court justices.



  • Voter Registration: Maryville College and Pellissippi State CC-Blount Campus

  • Fall Forum "The State of Our Children and Gaps in Social Services"

  • Voter Registration: Maryville College and Blount County Public Library



  • "Be Informed to Vote Smart" by a panel of experts providing tech tools for voters

  • Voter registration: Maryville College and Blount County Public Library

  • Presentation by Rep Bob Ramsey on State House Committee responsibilities and what their focus will be this year


  • Expert panel discussion of "The Future of Healthcare in Tennessee"

  • Voter registration: Maryville College, Pellissippi State CC- Blount Campus, Blount County Public Library

  • "Fake News vs. Real News" discussed by a panel of professionals in the field in November


  • 2nd Congressional District Candidate Forum​ in April, co-hosted with AAUW Maryville

  • "Bring it Home" presentation in June by the Tennessee Health Care Campaign on Medicaid expansion

  • Panel presentation on "The Status of Affordable Housing in Blount County"

  • Candidate Forum for State House of Representatives race: incumbent Dr. Bob Ramsey ad challenger Susan Sneed