The League of Women Voters

of Blount County

Maryville, Tennessee

Upcoming Activities


Statement of Purpose of the LWVBC

As a non-partisan group of

women and men,

we seek to organize and foster

open conversation, education,

and voter registration.

It is our aim to empower people

to engage fully in the

political process.   

A brief history of the League of Women Voters in America:  100 years ago...

At the 1919 convention of the National American Woman Suffrage Association,  revered suffragette Carrie Chapman Catt proposed the creation of a "league of women voters to finish the fight and aid in the reconstruction of the nation." An organization composed of groups in the states where suffrage had already been attained was quickly convened.

The next year, on February 14, 1920 - six months before the 19th amendment to the Constitution was finally ratified - the League was formally organized in Chicago as the National League of Women Voters. 

Since its inception, the League has helped millions of women and men become informed participants in government. In fact, the first league convention voted 69 separate items as statements of principle and recommendations for legislation. These initial topics addressed the legal status of women, American citizenship, rights of working women, legal protections for children, and many more. 

Today, the League of Women Voters has two separate and distinct roles:

  • VOTER SERVICES AND EDUCATION:  We present non-biased, nonpartisan information about elections, the voting process, and issues.

  • ADVOCACY:  After study, we use our positions to advocate for or against particular policies in the public interest.

Voter Registration

LWVBC members register voters at the Blount County Public Library periodically. 

Call 865-363-8110 for dates and times.

Online Registration

Tennesseeans may also register on line at  This website

includes information about how, when,

and where to vote.

        LWVBC Officers for 2021

President     Vandy Kemp

Vice President     Marilyn Finley

Secretary     Betsy Boyd

Treasurer     Patty DeRycke

At Large   Rhonda Melton, Margaret Muller, 

               Glenda Eastridge